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Packages and Ala cart options


Raw Data Only

Want to research and book your own shows but to not want to find all the shows; only raw data is given, no research or show vetting 

This provides Show name, location, dates, and sometimes attendee numbers

Show Packages

We provide Raw data, chosen researched data includes ( Show name, location, dates,rent, total exhibition hours, floor plan, available booths, exhibitors (if available), competitors list (if available), badges allocated to booth, additional cost for badges, any discounts you will receive, and amount due to book), vetting for acceptance to shows, applying for applications and after your show is booked all  correspondence from the show manager to your company that your Events Manager receives will be forwarded on to your designated contact person.  All your company contact will be responsible for is procuring your badges and purchase of any electrical/plumbing/draping or additional onsite services


We work on your company’s behalf to secure sponsorships, exclusivity deals and/or long-term deals with show managers 

Back Office Assistant

Office assistance to help fill voids in your current staffing regarding your trade show division, this service covers badges, purchase of any electrical/plumbing/draping or additional onsite services, booked shows calendar  

Customer Service

Customer service pre/post- trade show  for any attendee questions, additional purchases or complaints. Act on your behalf for any attendee charge back to your company

Additional Data Needed Over Package

*Raw data

* Research shows 

* Shows booked 

No worries we offer optional add-ons options to help cover your needs, if you need more then your packing allocation


At this point you are asking yourself, what is the cost for this amazing service, well that is where we shine, we build each package to fit our client’s needs. 

Our packages are designed with your company and products in mind, not everyone needs the same services for shows so we tailor the package to your company, offer it at a flat monthly fee, with no booking fee for each show booked.