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Frequently Asked Questions

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Need Help? 

Most of the time, you just need a little push in the right direction. We hope our support page will help you get there. While there are always situations that may be out of the norm that are not covered here, if so, please reach out to us.

- If I want to start booking trade events, how soon should I start securing my booth?

We recommend booking at least 3 months in advance of a show start date. However, you can book sooner events but those may have more limitations.

- Looking at booth costs , how can I tell if the cost is too much to be effective to my bottom line?

Every show is unique and has to be evaluated to see if it is cost effective for you. There are a few criteria that we use to help determine your Cost Effective Point. 

- Why do some shows’ sell out fast?

When a show does well for Vendors and allows rebooking for current year vendors, before opening booths for purchase to new Vendors, the floor plan is then limited for options and the rest may sell out quickly, or the show manager may only accept applications for a window of time and once that closes that is all the Vendors they let in. 

- I have attended shows and the attendee numbers or demographics are not as advertised by the show, why? 

There can be a few different reasons: 

a. The Attendees/Demographics are very select and there were not as many that wanted or needed to attend as Show management anticipated

b. An outside event occurred that limited Attendees/Demographics the ability to participate (natural disasters, venue change, date change)

c. The event was not promoted enough or was not accessible enough to the Attendees/Demographics

- What is included in my booth space?

Each show is different, and the provided options will vary. A list of all provided items will be included in your booking package from your Events Manager.

-Booth setup: Can I do it myself or have someone else do it? 

Before you make the decision to do it yourself, review the regulations concerning what you can and cannot do on your own, outlined under the Service Kit. If you require professional assistance, contact your Events Manager for contact information for the onsite Service provider’s information.